Vickie Mudra

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Vickie Mudra, MPH, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP

Certified Executive Coach, Facilitator, and Speaker

CEO and Founder of the

Institute for Deliberate Practice, Inc.

Replenishing passionate professionals and mission-driven organizations so they can succeed Intentionally - IN Purpose, Deliberately, - ON purpose.

Vickie helps her clients wake up to what could be different in their lives, connect to what matters most and implement workable solutions so they can live happy, healthy, and abundantly.

Using her trademarked Deliberate CARE model, she helps leaders forge deep, supportive relationships in all areas of their life. As a transformative coach, an experienced consultant, and published author and speaker, Vickie knows that living in your purpose, on purpose, is the most crucial thing we can do as part of this human experience.

Curious to the core, Vickie asks the tough questions. What if your work, your organization, your life – could be different?

What would happen if you were rooted in connection and care in all you do? What ripple effect would occur in your organization? In the lives of everyone you touch?

Widely recognized by executives, colleagues and her clientele for deep talents in program management and workforce development, Vickie is able to help transform organizational culture by focusing on individual purpose.

Using theoretical frameworks from deliberate practice and appreciative inquiry, her proven techniques and models change personal and professional behaviors by helping people deeply recommit to what they love so they can, in turn, give their best care and service to clients, peers, organizations and the world.

Vickie has over 30 years’ experience in healthcare and non-profit organizational leadership, is recognized as a healthcare simulation expert, and holds a Master’s degree in Public Health and is a certified professional coach. She spends time throughout the country, mainly in Arizona and Illinois, with those who are here to love and contribute to a better humanity – including her husband, children and dearest friends.