de Pagter, Anne

Anne PJ de Pagter

Anne PJ de Pagter (MD, PhD) is a paediatric hematologist in the Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam and the Willem-Alexander Children's Hospital (WAKZ) of the LUMC in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Alongside her clinical work Anne founded the Challenge & Support program. Challenge & Support offers professional development-oriented coaching for medical professionals, residents and consultants in a department-wide program. The mission of Challenge & Support is to improve patient care by amplifying professional personal development of all medical professionals and thus to sustainably contribute to a safe and stimulating learning and working culture.

The effectiveness of the Challenge & Support coaching program is continuously evaluated in collaboration with the department of Work and Organizational Psychology of the University of Amsterdam. Lara Solms started as the first PhD student on this project and developed several studies on the effectiveness of coaching in healthcare workers. Based om the experience of Challenge & Support, similar programs for medical students (MATCH) and nurses (LIFT) are developed to improve lifelong learning and development in healthcare professionals.

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