Whybrow, Alison

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Alison Whybrow

Alison Whybrow is an experienced facilitator, coach, coach supervisor, and consultant. As a Chartered, Registered, and Coaching Psychologist she has spent 20 years focusing on building individual and organisational capability. She works with organisations across a range of sectors and was deeply involved in the early development of the coaching profession. Alison is an editor for peer reviewed coaching publications, authors papers, chapters, and books aligned to her work. She co-edited the Handbook of Coaching Psychology (2007) and Handbook of Coaching Psychology (2018) with Professor Stephen Palmer, and co-authored The 31 Practices: Release the power of your organization’s values every day, with Alan Williams in 2013 and 2018. Always learning, Alison describes herself as a possibilist, seeing disruption as a catalyst for transformation and hopeful that a kinder human-earth story can arise.

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