CoachX: Katherine Tulpa on Cross Cultural Coaching

Katherine Tulpa discusses the eight core ingredients of what makes a top team coach and cross cultural coaching.

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CoachX: Jeff Hull on Coaching the Post-Heroic Leader (full version)


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CoachX: Colleen Boselli on Strengths

Colleen Boselli, an IOC Fellow and leadership coach with over 25 years of experience as a corporate leader, consultant and business coach, explores how to tap your unrealized strengths....

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CoachX: Jan Rybeck on Vertical Development

Jan Rybeck, an IOC Fellow and a partner with COPIA, talks about the challenges of transformation associated with vertical development, and how coaches can use four elements of vertical development to encourage client growth.

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CoachX: Tips on How to Coach the Global Nomadic Leader

Did you know that 40 percent of global leaders assigned to new positions or overseas posts fail after 18 months? Derailment costs companies at least 10 times these global leaders’ expensive annual salaries. Such failure demoralizes employees and jeopardizes relationships with business partners, customers and other stakeholders....

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CoachX: Thinking Errors and the Coaching Process: How to help your leaders make better decisions

In this CoachX podcast, Dr. Christy Pearson, IOC Founding Fellow will address following objectives:...

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CoachX: Coaching the "Shadows": Supporting Senior Leaders through Volatility and Turbulence

In this session we explore:

  • The power and impact of Shadow Coaching® global policy and decision makers
  • How Shadow Coaching® shifts clients' thinking and self-awareness
  • The intricacies of coaching through crises

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CoachX: Executive Coaching: ʺState of the Unionʺ 2014 - What You Need to Know

In this CoachX Podcast, Founding Fellow, Brian Underhill, PhD, addresses:...

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CoachX: Coaching Under the Microscope: Dispelling the Common Myths about In-Between Spaces

In this CoachX podcast, Haesun Moon explores:

  • What builds the rapport in a coaching dialogue?
  • Does the body actually speak a different "language" than what we say?
  • What does a question really tell?
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CoachX: From Burnout to Resilience: Coaching Physicians and Physician Leaders with Positive Psychology

Gail Gazelle, MD, FACP, FAAHPM, is a practicing physician, a part-time Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and an executive coach for physicians and physician leaders. A specialist in physician and physician executive burnout and resilience, Dr....