MasterClass: Virtuous Leaders

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MasterClass: Virtuous Leaders

Today’s corporate, non-profit, educational, and government leaders face a myriad of complex decisions and challenges. In a new world economy our interconnectedness is increasingly pronounced: a financial crisis in one part of the world is felt rippling through another. With population rising so too has our consumption putting an increased burden on natural resources. Geography no longer separates us.

In these difficult and complex times, coaching leaders to make the right decisions at the right time for the right reasons is paramount. Drawing on Socratic and Confucian virtues; courage, temperance, justice and wisdom from ancient Chinese and Greeks texts dating back 2500 years ago, Richard Kilburg, PhD presents a reflective framework to help you guide your leadership coaching conversations. What are specific questions that center around virtue? How do you elicit wisdom? Are your clients making cowardly decisions or wise decisions? Journal articles, presentations, and exclusive video interviews are all available to help you learn more.

Watch as Richard Kilburg, PhD discusses virtuous leadership:

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