What can go wrong in coaching?

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What can go wrong in coaching?
What can go wrong in coaching - IOC Research Dose

The coaching research literature, including more meta-analyses more recently, shows overall that coaching can produce a wide range of positive effects for clients including improved self-efficacy, self-regulation, job performance, well-being, coping, and attitudes. At the same time, the professionalization of any field calls practitioners to understand the downsides and limits of their interventions, including coaches.

The authors of today’s featured article, Carolin Graßmann​ (who won an IOC first place poster award at the IOC 2017 conference) and Carsten Shermuly, note that scientific investigation of the negative effects of coaching is limited. They completed a literature review, selecting nine articles (8/9 authored by one or both of them), in order to evaluate, interpret, and synthesize the existing research. Better understanding of these downside risks can help coaches identify, navigate, or even prevent negative effects.

While this review focuses on coaching in organizations, many of the conclusions are worthy of notice by health and wellness coaches, and life coaches.

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