Ivan Queiroz

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Ivan is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach. He integrates into coaching his skills from a highly accomplished career in technology and business, from programing in his early years, to Chief Technology Officer, and in several industries, such as finance, fitness, healthcare. He has worked with clients in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia.

As a Strategic Disruption Coach, Ivan’s ultimate goal is to help his clients safely and constructively disrupt themselvesand come up with creative and innovative away to reinvent themselves and thrive despite all challenges. As someone who has continuously disrupted and reinvented his own life, Ivan brings a unique approach to his engagements and coaching, empowering his clients and providing ongoing support and guidance to help his clients make continuous and sustainable changes.

Ivan facilitates self-directed learning and growth using techniques grounded in research in areas including the science of coaching, positive psychology, character strength, appreciative inquiry, mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, and so on. Ivan also implements the principles of agile philosophy, which helps the clients be more flexible, adaptable, appreciate different perspectives and new ways of thinking, while at the same time encouraging experimentation and risk taking.

When you work with Ivan, you identify the area(s) of your life that needs disruption and reinvention, and you use your vision, values, and strengths to uncover your passionate purpose and create a picture of your compelling future. You use tools to ignite and unleash creative ways of being, thinking, and behaving, and move into action to make your compelling future a reality. You uncover your innate potential, you unfold, you reinvent yourself.