Webinar: How Coaches Can Help Clients Make Friends

Let’s face it. So many of us have lost friends or gotten just a bit more awkward over these past few years. In this 60-minute lecture, you’ll learn to teach your clients to reverse these tides of disconnection and learn science-backed strategies to make friends....

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Webinar: How to Enhance Your Coaching with Multi-Culturalism

Cultural differences of all kinds are often a source of misunderstanding and frustration for both coach and client. In this webinar, we will focus on how to turn cultural differences into a source of richness, both for more effective collaboration and to elevate the coaching process itself....

October 12, 2022 - 11:00pm

Vertical Leadership Development (VLD), also known as Adult Stage Development or Adult Development Theory, and Ego Construct Development, provides a scaffolding for understanding and working with this profound process of capacity building.

Webinar: Coaching the Seven Rules of Power

If you want to “change lives, change organizations, change the world,” per the Stanford business school’s motto, you need power. Is power the dirty secret or the secret to success? Both....

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Webinar: The Art of Coaching Through Movement, Music and Photography

Creativity opens doors to powerful dialogue, greater awareness, and effective solutions. When coupled with coaching, creative approaches enhance the coaching experience and help clients see themselves and their situations in a new light....

Webinar: Cultivating Cultures of Mental Wellness Through Coaching

A recent study by The Bowman Foundation for Workplace Equity and Mental Wellness revealed that while most workers admit they struggle with their mental health, disclosing mental health disorders to employers is still an issue....

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Webinar: Better Conversations: Curating Purpose, Possibilities, and Progress with the Dialogic Orientation Quadrant (DOQ)

We live in conversations. In fact, the word, conversation, itself used to mean “dwelling place” in the 14th century. We dwell in many conversations with ourselves and others; the ones we wish we had differently, the ones we hope to have....

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Webinar: Recognizing and Addressing Trauma When Coaching Clients

We live in a world in which it is impossible to escape exposure to trauma. We watch as trauma plays out across the world stage with wars and the global pandemic. We see it in acts of racial violence and oppression....

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Webinar: Visual Coaching: How Coaches Can Leverage the Power of Visual Thinking

As coaches, how can we more effectively “see” what our clients are thinking and saying…and vice-versa? Well, the research shows that one of the most powerful ways of doing so is through leveraging the power of visuals thinking and visual communication....

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Webinar: Coach the Brain: how to use brain science to coach for lasting behavior change

Have you ever wondered what drives the divide between your clients who readily meet their goals and those who continue to struggle, even despite their strong intentions and readiness to change? The answer lies deep in the brain....

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