Executive Coaching

Addressing deficit performance through coaching - using motivational interviewing for performance improvement at work

Resistance from coachees is a problem met by executive coaches in all fields. The continued interest in executive coaching by organisations has seen coaching beginning to be used more widely. An increasing number of low and average performing managers are following their high performing peers into the executive coaching room....

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PowerPoint Slides: Building and Managing Your Professional Practice

Dr. Lew Stern shares his PowerPoint presentation on Executive Coaching: Building and Managing Your Professional Practice.

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The Efficacy of Executive Coaching in Times of Organisational Change

Executive coaching is often used in times of organisational change to help executives develop the psychological and behavioural skills needed to focus on reaching their work-related goals whilst simultaneously dealing with the turbulence associated with organisational change....

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2014 January Coaching Report

Greetings and Happy 2014!  Our research article this month, as well as our MasterClass and Teleclass, are all designed to help you answer that perennial question: how do we coach teams for optimal performance? ...

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Biography of Amy C. Edmondson PhD

About Amy C. Edmondson PhD

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Book: Teaming: How Organizations Learn Innovate and Compete in the Knowledge Economy

Continuous improvement understanding complex systems and promoting innovation are all part of the landscape of learning challenges today's companies face. Amy Edmondson shows that organizations thrive or fail to thrive based on how well the small groups within those organizations work....

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2013 Video interview with Amy Edmondson, PhD

Founding Fellow, Joan Ryan interviews Amy Edmondson, PhD, Harvard Business School on her research on teaming and teamwork based on her keynote presentation at the 2013 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference

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Team effectiveness and team coaching literature review

Quick Summary ...

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Coaching effectiveness survey instruments: taking stock of measuring the immeasurable

Measuring the benefits obtained from the use of executive and organisational coaching is of interest both to coaching service providers and to the organisations who engage their services....

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About Daniel J. Siegel MD

About Dr. Daniel Siegel