Parenting Your Anxious Child with Mindfulness and Acceptance: A Powerful New Approach to Overcoming Fear, Panic, and Worry Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

We live in a chaotic and often unpredictable world, so it's only natural for you and your child to have anxieties. But seeing your child cry, cling to you, or even use aggression to avoid his or her own fears and worries may cause you to worry even more, trapping both of you in a cycle of anxiety and fear....

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Heart-Centered Leadership: Lead Well, Live Well

Heart-Centered Leadership is a transformational business book, one that is keenly attuned to the growing awareness of the need for more mindful leaders who realize that self-care and authenticity have a deeply significant impact on the satisfaction and well-being of their workforce a...

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Mindfulness Improves Motivation Quality

At the 2021 IOC Coaching in Leadership & Healthcare virtual conference, self-determination theory (SDT) co-founder Richard Ryan presented an excellent lecture on motivation quality....

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Research Mini Dose: Mindfulness Improves Motivational Quality

Short version of the Research Dose, Mindfulness Improves Motivation Quality, in pdf form. Perfect for sharing with clients.

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The Upside of Your Dark Side: Why Being Your Whole Self--Not Just Your "Good" Self--Drives Success and Fulfillment

Audible Best Seller Inc. 11 Great Business Books New York Magazine Best Psychology Books LinkedIn's 12 Books on Leadership to Read Two mavericks in the field of positive psychology deliver a timely message...

Difficult Coaching Clients and the Power of Mindfulness

Slide presentation to accompany Dr. Sandra Diller's webinar Difficult Coaching Clients and the Power of Mindfulness.

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Webinar: Difficult Coaching Clients and the Power of Mindfulness

In this webinar, IOC Harnisch Research Grant recipient Dr. Sandra Diller presents current research on coaching difficult clients. Her research includes studies on overall difficulties with client personalities and clients with high dark triad tendencies....

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Peak Coaching Moments

While there is an abundance of stressful or low moments for all of us in pandemic time, coaches are also experiencing peak moments in coaching. What is a peak coaching moment? Czech authors Honsová and Jarošová published a lovely qualitative paper on peak coaching experiences (2018)....

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Breathing Through a Pandemic

Pandemic time is a good time to focus on breathing well. Next time the pandemic takes your breath away, bring it back. Rather than unconsciously holding your breath, inhale and exhale through your nose, deep and slow. Add a conscious pause at the bottom of the breath, a shortcut to a calm and still mind.

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COACHx: Imposter Syndrome, Physician Burnout, and Mindfulness

Gail Gazelle, MD, MCC, part-time Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, master physician coach, and mindfulness teacher, sheds important light on how the Imposter Syndrome contributes to physician burnout. Dr. Gazelle addresses how we can all harbor imposter beliefs and how simple mindfulness strategies can provide a cure.

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